Health & Safety

At Construx Services we believe that it is a fundamental human right to be able to work on, visit or pass by any of our projects without coming in to harms’ way.

‘Delivering Excellence – Safe & Sound’ is an integrated approach to delivering our projects without safety incidents, thus ensuring consistency of the constructed product in a manner where all workers and those impacted by our projects, come to no harm. To deliver quality takes much planning and preparation and can only be successful if carried out by an appropriately skilled work-force, with the right mind-set, the right knowledge and in a suitably managed environment.

Personal Commitment & Leadership

At Construx with our personal commitment and leadership and that of the other key stakeholders engaged in our projects, we can deliver to time and budget and to the right quality without anyone’s health and wellbeing being negatively impacted. This will also require robust procedures that will follow internationally recognised standards; solid selection of products, contractors and their workforce; detailed planning and communication, strong management to ensure the plans are not deviated from and that the correct environment is maintained and effective management of change, where it is unavoidable.

We will use all these attributes to create a culture where we all look out for each other,
where we are intolerant of any incident or slip in standards and where stopping the job if we are not sure is an accepted norm.

All projects will comply with the requirements of OHSAS 45001:2018, the International Occupational Health and Safety Management Standard.