Construction Delivery

We offer construction delivery using all forms of procurement whether Design & Build, Traditional, Construction Management or Management Contracting. This ability to manage all forms of contract type leaves us well placed to successfully deliver work in our preferred sectors of Commercial, Residential, Health & Care, Education, Retail, Automotive and Leisure.

Pre-Construction Services

Significant client benefits are available through rigorous planning of projects prior to the appointment of a main contractor. Our high level of experience on major complex projects enables us to identify the larger items to be value engineered with the full saving returned to the client. Uncertainty is removed prior to construction resulting in more efficient tendering, the removal of ongoing risk and a reduction of potential disputes.

We provide distinctive services in specialist sectors with the ability to appraised and advise on the commerciality of a speculative sites. This can be furthered with the option of producing a business plan led design that fits within capital funding allowances that the business plan can support. To this end we have available a menu of pre-construction services to tailor our engagement to any client requirement.

Project Management

We offer project management for real estate schemes with a major and/or complex construction element. Provided to world class standards and drawing on the vast experience of the board, this service covers the full project lifecycle including consultant and contractor procurement, management of feasibility studies, design development and management, information flows, risk identification and management, programme development and controls, cost and claim management, project control and quality management, health and safety management, environmental management and communications.

Consultancy Services

Our experience makes us able to offer bespoke construction advice. For some we are acting as construction adviser across a portfolio of work; we also offer specific advice across the whole project lifecycle including procurement advice, construction strategies, stress testing, project recovery and disputes.