Construx Services is committed to providing a service of excellence to all our customers. This is applicable in principle to all commissions and appointments.

Roles and responsibilities will be clearly defined for both Construx and the project teams. Where we are the contractor or construction manager we will maintain primary responsibility for delivering quality, as project manager we will ensure that a quality plan is prepared and implemented. Our quality management procedures are robust and designed to drive the required quality performance necessary to meet the project specific objectives.

The Quality plan will include definition of how Quality is to be measured and recorded throughout the project life cycle and how these records are to be kept for future audit.

We believe a quality strategy which influences the entire project execution plan is a fundamental part of achieving a zero defect completion. This will be achieved by:

Allowing suitable time to produce quality work;
Achieving the quality required by incentivisation;
Motivation and engendering pride in the workplace; and
Providing a work place that is clean and tidy where people are respected and empowered to produce quality work.

The objective is to ensure that the Client obtains a product of the highest quality and to ensure that the right people are in place who can achieve a clearly defined and properly engineered product against considered and well-defined standards.